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Meet EnergyMate

Track electricity usage anywhere in real time and save money 


EnergyMate Helps

EnergyMate helps you monitor your electricity consumption from your mobile device or computer by showing how much power your home appliances use. Once you understand this you can take steps to reduce your energy consumption – after all, it's difficult to manage what you can't measure! 


The easy-to-follow application puts users in control of their home energy consumption. Figures are visualized by minute, day, week, month, or year. The user can monitor and understand usage patterns and make informed decisions on appliance usage to reduce energy usage and cost.

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How it works
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Set custom alerts and get notified about unusual or peak-time energy consumption.

Small Things Make a Huge Difference

Learn why EnergyMate is standing out among other energy monitors on the market.


 Small size. Easy to install. No changes to your existing energy meter or breaker box required. 


EnergyMate doesn't collect personal identifiable information (PII).


Large memory that stores data daily, weekly and monthly. Data can be stored in our cloud or on your mobile device.


Set relevant alerts and get notified about unusual or peak-time energy consumption. 


Access your energy data anytime, from anywhere using your Android/iOS smartphone or computer.


Compare energy tariffs and prices from local suppliers based on your consumption data (currency options). 

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Dana G.

“EnergyMate is a great tool to analyze my power consumption and keep a close eye on one of the biggest monthly expenses in our household. Good stuff and definitely worth the money.”

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Jordan M.

" I was able to identify a whole slew of smaller electronics that I use from time to time, but which were drawing a ton of power because I wasn’t unplugging them! With this energy monitor, I got great insight into real-time consumption and energy cost. I totally recommend it!"

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Matt B.

“Hands up, I'm not an electrician, but I’ve been able to connect this device to my energy meter in less than 30 min. Easy! Now I better understand my energy usage. The energy monitor from Energy Mate does exactly what it was supposed to do very well.”

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